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Located south of Les Landes de Gascogne, an area of swamps and woodlands, La Chaiserie landaise workshop tell us its story.


The Hayedot family created la Chaiserie béarnaise and drew on local natural resources (timber and straw) for its production of chairs.


La Chaiserie béarnaise became
La Chaiserie landaise and still offers exceptional chairs made ​​in the purest local tradition.


The two sisters became head of the company. Marie-Pierre and Karine Hayedot perpetuate the ancestral knowledge passed through six generations whilst bringing a contemporary air to La Chaiserie landaise.

By using designers sensitive to the use of natural materials, and the region in which they are found, they register their new collections in a design governed by tradition.

Our grandfather then our father led La Chaiserie before us and it is natural that we now take over.


Since 2010, La Chaiserie landaise has been working with the designer Christelle Le Déan to create the collection Hossegor, combining craft and design. Then it is the turn of historical models to be reinterpreted with the "Intersection collection".