Conversation Hervé Gambs


creator of nature


How would you describe your premises at 60 boulevard Beaumarchais?

Gambs Store is a place of discovery of the natural resources around the world, it is the meeting place of designers and craftsmen, concerned with requirements of quality and ecological practices. It is a place where we live in harmony with the seasons, rich in artistic performances, tasteful exhibitions, and trade.

Where did the idea to present this project "Intersection" originate?

It results from the meeting of Gambs Store and the designer Christelle Le Déan, whose work is focused on natural materials and experienced traditional craftsmen.

Why are you are so passionate about the principle of collaboration "Made in France"?

The view of French designers
and craftsmen is very specific. It combines skill, design and love
of the materials.

Choosing these limited edition collections, is the sign of a trend or a real change in the consumption of things of  "Beauty"?

IIt is obvious that the customer is
now assuming a new approach to consumption. The fast consumption is now coming to an end; our roots and our culture are becoming increasingly important in our way of living. The quality requirement, the interest in the design and the origin of the product, are more and more important in the decision to purchase. The history of the desired object becomes essential.

You offer a fine selection of furniture. In your opinion, what are your customers' elements favourite elements?

The quality of materials, assembly, origin, design and passion. The combination of these elements build a story. The customer wants to understand exactly what he is buying, we offer a story that he will take back home.


Culture, inovation and thrill. Culture is in history, inovation means surprise, and thrill is the indefinable feeling that makes people go for it.

A book, a website, a blog?

A book
Les Habits de la nature, Hans Silvester, editions La Martinière

Two architects sites

Homemade syrups