conversations - Marie-Pierre and Karine Hayedot

and Karine






What are the origins of your company?

Our ancestors were probably bigots, outcasts, they made chairs and small furniture on the river Gave banks. They used wicker from the swamps and wood from the forests, mainly beech. In 1850, their descendants founded La Chaiserie béarnaise now called La Chaiserie landaise.

Two women at the head of a craft business, it is unusual!

Our grandfather then our father managed La Chaiserie before us and it was natural for us to take over from them. It is a family business, we were raised always being around the workshops and we are the only two heirs. The classic pattern "from father to son" just became "from father to daughters."

Do you feel like you are providing a more "feminine" touch to the company?

We have a taste for design, beautiful things, while being attached to our skills. We fell for Christelle Le Déan’s creations for Louis Design. Then we met her...

We share the exact same values. A third woman came into the history of La Chaiserie.

Why Christelle Le Déan more than any other designer?

Christelle is not into high-design, but in the reinterpretation of a heritage. She accepts the antique, goes back over the existing and gives it a new look, a feminine look: curves, sensuality in materials, natural colors and dyed woods.

Which designer or company would you like to work with?

We would like to work with women such as Patricia Urquiola and Elise Fouin. Why not with designers like Marc Hertrich, Gilles & Boissier. Crafting is a reflection of a person
or group of people’s identity, living in a particular place with a history, a particular tradition. The job of designers is to catalyse these elements, take a step backwards
to get a general view and offer something more universal.

Our creations are heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. They are maintained over time.
They are aesthetic, authentic and perennial objects, consistent with the philosophy of our company.


Which projects are you working on at the moment?

On historical collections revised by Christelle Le Déan, which represents six months of work, adjustment from the design to the finished product. The existing collections are left untouched.