Conversation Christelle Le Déan

Le Déan




How did your collaboration with
La Chaiserie landaise start?

Whilst visiting an exhibition, I stopped near a Basque style table that reminded me of family homes, the seaside resorts of La Baule and my childhood. That's how I met Karen and Marie-Pierre Hayedot. Spontaneously I offered to design their collections, and when Karine asked me to consider a indoor / outdoor range , I did not hesitate for a second, I said yes!

The Hossegor collection was your first project. What manufacturing techniques did you use?

Initially, we wanted the collection to be in accordance with a simple and elegant lifestyle close to nature, evoking the sea, the mountains and the countryside... The aim was to develop, in a contemporary style,
the basic crafts and heritage of
La Chaiserie landaise such as woodturning, fine assembly, and every item made out of quality timber, with a craftman finish.

I suggested that Karen and Marie-Pierre work on emblematic models of seats with traditional shapes of rural inspiration. Thus, the Hossegor collection was created.

How can you explain the relevance of a genuine collection against the rising of simple "trends"?

What makes a collection permanent compared to copying is the fact that
it is based on a system of values in which honesty is important responsible manufacturing, a choice of natural materials and a design in accordance with the brand. "Trend" merely copies some of these attributes without having the right and that is what will make the difference in the long term.

A book, a website, a blog helping heart?

The book of a contemporary artist
"Lieux Dits", Valérie du Chéné :
18 extracts describing places from 66 interviews conducted in France and Japan in 2009 and 2010.

I work in Paris, alone or
on the web in a workshop filled with books.
My desk is lit by a large glass façade overlooking
a coffee: l'Ideal Coffee...
It all works very well...