know how
chaiserie landaise - savoir-faire

of skills











the gesture

Our craftsmen cultivate a passion for detail and a desire for perfection. Sculptures and finishes are entirely made by hand.


Our chairs are put together with tenons and mortise. The seats are made of wood, rye straw or high density polyether foam upholstered on elastic straps.

going forward

Our collaboration with talented designers was born from our firm intention to promote our heritage, to make it available to today’s generations. Together, we rethink/think over the aesthetic dimension of our know-how in order to adapt it to contemporary lines.
More than a product, it is an appropriate response to current codes but charged with identity. Beyond its function, the object from this collaboration supports our history while being resolutely modern.

From our prototyping workshops to the finished product, each creation is born, step after step, thanks to the slow diligence of men.